Council to guidance on nuisance calls

NUISANCE calls to care homes residents are being tackled by the County Council following intervention by Polegate and Seaford MP Norman Baker.

The council is providing guidance to care homes on the matter after Mr Baker urged action be taken. Nuisance calls are unsolicited and unwanted marketing messages, silent or abandoned calls that can cause widespread inconvenience and annoyance.

Mr Baker said while there are tools to minimise nuisance calls, many recipients are unaware of these services, such as the Telephone Preference Service, last number call barring, caller display and anonymous caller reject to help customers limit nuisance calls.

The MP was concerned when contacted by a care home resident who had been a recipient of the calls.

In light of that case, he wrote to ESCC to encourage them to circulate Ofcom’s guidance on tackling such calls to care homes in East Sussex and encourage the homes to engage with their residents to ensure they are aware of the measures that are available to minimise them.

The council will be taking the matter forward through the Quality Monitoring Team which will be emailing homes to make them aware of the guidance that is available. The council will also discuss this matter further at the next quarterly forum with care home providers.