Council sizes up allotment waiting list

ALLOTMENT owners will be asked to halve the size of their plots to the meet spiralling demand for gardening space.

Eastbourne Borough Council has also agreed to spend £19,000 to create 56 new five-rod allotments across two sites in Manor Road and Churchdale Road in attempt to tackle a 334-strong waiting list.

The decision was made by the borough council’s cabinet on December 15.

Current plot owners in Eastbourne’s 11 sites will be offered the choice of halving the size of their current 10-rod plots or staying as they are.

Councillor Steve Wallis, cabinet member for the environment, said, “This goes some way to tackling that wating list.”

The council will spend £6,000 on redeveloping land in the Manor Road site and the money will also be used to extend parking space.

In Churchdale Road land which has been reclaimed from housing plans, after it was deemed unsuitable, will be drained and brought up to standard at a cost of £13,000.

The council is also considering spending a further £95,000 across sites in Gorringe Road, Summerdale, Tutts Barn, Marchants Field and Churchdale Road to create a further 284 five-rod sites, which would meet current demand.

In August 2009 a council report said there were 742 allotments on 11 sites with a waiting list of 360.

The report also identified gaps in allotment provision in Ratton, Hampden Park, Rodmill, Saffrons, Meads and St Anthony’s.