Council’s half-million costs for office move

A six-figure sum has been paid out by the council after moving out of offices opposite the Town Hall.

The authority had leased 66 and 68 Grove Road for 37 years and recently struck a deal to pay the landlords and consultants £472,000 in settlement fees for wear and tear.

The council vacated the old offices in 2011 as part of an Agile Working initiative and staff moved to 1 Grove Road.

A spokesperson at Eastbourne Borough Council said, “As is usual in most commercial tenancy agreements, the departure from 66 and 68 Grove Road involved the negotiation of a settlement figure with the landlord for wear and tear, known as dilapidations, over the 37 years.

“The council estimated total costs of vacating the buildings, excluding expert’s fees, of £484,000. However, the final costs were settlement fees amounting to £330,000 and fees of £142,000.”