Council has fixed hearing loop issues at Eastbourne Crematorium

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Eastbourne Crematorium has said it has made repairs to the hearing loop system after an audit carried out by Hearing Link.

As revealed on the Eastbourne Herald website yesterday, Hearing Link auditors found that the system was not working correctly in the chapel and in other parts of the crematorium.

Janet Cottington expressed her distress about how delicate it was to raise that the loop system not working during a service.

She said: “The crematorium loop system was not switched on last year in December. One does not realise until the service starts, by which time it is too late to speak to anyone.

“I missed all the tributes given by the family. It just compounded my sadness at the occasion.”

Yesterday, Gill Steadman, manager and registrar with Eastbourne Bereavement Services confirmed that the loop system has now been put right and is fully working.

She told Hearing Link: “I can confirm the loop specialist has been on site now.

“He has tested the system fully and although it was found to be working, the signal was weak in some areas of the chapel.

“He has since boosted the signal an dfeels that this adjustment will benefit those who require the use of the loop.

“I listened on his testing equipment and the signal was very clear through the chapel.

Gill Steadman has invited Hearing Link to test the loop system again to see if they concur with the findings.

Earlier, the Eastbourne Bereavement Services manager pointed out how the crematorium has four hearing loops installed, including one at the funeral director’s reception desk and they have replaced a faulty loop in the main chapel.

She added: “The loop system is on all day when the chapel is open for services, as it is connected to the main sound system which is always on for the microphone and music systems to work.

“The loop is not turned on and off separately.

Gill Steadman said that they had sorted out the seagull issue at the crematorium by using a specialist company last year to get rid of the colony.

Rhinannon Barker, Hearing Link’s User Experience Manager, said they were pleased with the comments from the crematorium. “Following feedback, they recognise now important the loop system is and they are doing their very best to rectify any problems, for which we are most grateful. This is a very positive response.”

Next week: what the Hearing Link auditors had to say about some of Eastbourne’s shops and how good their hearing loop facilities are.

AGE Concern Eastbourne is today (Friday) staging an information event.

“Hearing Aids & Hearing Loops: A information and assistance session” takes place at the Age Concern centre from 2pm to 4pm

There will be about hearing loops and visitors can have the T-setting on their hearing aids activated.

Call 01323 638474 for more details