Council explains work taking place on Eastbourne seafront

One of the trucks on Eastbourne beach
One of the trucks on Eastbourne beach

Eastbourne council has explained why so much shingle is being moved on the seafront.

Trucks and diggers can be seen getting to work as 60,000 tonnes of shingle is being used to restore sea defences in time for winter.

A spokesperson from Eastbourne Borough Council said, “We are currently managing shingle recycling between the Redoubt and Holywell as part of the 2015-2021 Eastbourne Beach Management Scheme.

“Funded by the Environment Agency, the work involves around 60,000 tonnes of shingle being used to restore the sea defences in advance of more inclement winter weather conditions.

“The beaches were surveyed in March as part of the South East Strategic Coastal Monitoring Programme and the results of this survey informed the work that is being carried out now.

“This year the survey recommended a re-cycling campaign from the beaches between the Wish Tower and the Bandstand to Holywell.

“However, storm conditions in September and early October lowered beach levels, particularly at Holywell.

“This meant that more shingle was needed to bring these beaches up to their minimum design standard. Extra material was sourced from beaches between the Redoubt and Pier to address this.”