Council cash will make space blooming lovely

Cllrs Margaret Bannister Steve Wallis at the improved site
Cllrs Margaret Bannister Steve Wallis at the improved site
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A local green space has been enhanced thanks to funding from Devonshire and St Anthony’s Ward Councillors.

The area at the Seaside end of Whitley Road was being used as an unofficial car park and had caused severe damage to the grass and residents were worried that the damage could also be inflicted onto the trees.

Drivers were also putting people at risk by dangerously cutting across the area to turn onto the main road. Councillors Margaret Bannister, Steve Wallis, Gill Mattock and David Tutt awarded £7,061 to the Seaside Neighbourhood Panel so that they could restore the site back to its original condition and improve road safety.

Cllr Wallis said, “The money was used to install protective fencing and a hedge has also been planted using a mixture of holly and yew. In time the hedge should grow and the fence can then be removed. The area looks much better now and the grass is returning to normal. We have had positive feedback from local residents who all agree that the scheme was most definitely worthwhile.”

Ward Councillors have a budget to fund schemes throughout the town. Contact your local Ward Councillor if you would like to request their help.