Could this be a Grayson Perry work of art?

Secret Art Auction
Secret Art Auction

Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry, comedian Graham Norton, Prime Minister David Cameron and TV presenter David Dimbleby are among the famous names who have contributed to St Wilfrid’s Hospice’s Secret Art Auction this year.

The artworks, drawn on postcards, will be exhibited anonymously in the Towner art gallery.

They will all be available to buy on eBay from just 99p. The auction also includes submissions from local artists, staff, patients and local residents – who have all donated postcard-sized works to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice and the Towner.

So anyone snapping up an anonymous work of art could be walking off with a genuine Grayson Perry.

Other professional artists contributing are contemporary artist Sue Campion, Glyndebourne artist in residence Julian Sutherland–Beatson, Saatchi winner Barry Wilson and professional painter and workshop tutor Elda Abramson. Other names will be announced in the coming weeks.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice chief executive Kara Bishop said, “This is an opportunity for anyone, not just art collectors, to support our charity and gain substantially from it, be it in terms of owning a valuable piece of artwork or from the enjoyment we can all get from a piece of art that truly strikes us as beautiful or moving.

“The auction will appeal to art collectors and complete newcomers to the art world, but the beauty is, with artists from household names to hospice patients, nobody will really know which ones are by a famous artist until after the auction has finished. “Throughout the exhibition, each piece will have a QR code that will take the bidder straight to the piece on eBay, which will show the latest bid as well as an invitation to bid.”

This is the second time St Wilfrid’s Hospice has run the event, with famous artists Tracey Emin and David Hockney taking part in last year’s auction, which raised a phenomenal £50,000 for the local hospice. The Hockney piece was successfully bid for by a lucky person on a mobile phone in a bar in Sardinia.

Emma Morris, CEO at the Towner, said, “We are very happy to support this worthwhile event, which raises money for such an important local cause, St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

“What I really like about this fundraising auction is that it’s completely anonymous right until the end, so you could end up buying a Grayson Perry piece for pennies, such a fantastic idea! Central to Towner’s mission is developing, supporting and celebrating local artistic practice, which this exhibition does – and more.”

The profits from the auction will be split, with 80 per cent going to St Wilfrid’s Hospice and 20 per cent to Towner Charitable Trust.

The exhibition will be held at the Towner from March 8-23. The auction, which will run on eBay, will be active from March 14-23.