Cost of burial will rise by five per cent this year

The price of being buried in Hailsham will soon rise by five percent.

Charges for the use of burial and cemetery services in the town were recently set by elected members of Hailsham Town Council who defended their decision saying it was the first rise in two years.

From April 1 plots in Hailsham Cemetery will increase and based on the new fee schedule, burial charges for an adult parishioner will increase from £480 to £504 for the purchase of a single grave, a rise of five per cent.

The cost for a double grave for an adult parishioner will increase from £516 to £542.

Charges for the interment of cremated remains in a grave will increase from £210 to £220 for parishioners and £432 to £454 for non-parishioners.

Cemetery warden, Councillor Mary Rowe, said,“It is important the town council pitches its fees at comparable rates to other authorities, so any extra burden does not fall on the council tax payers of Hailsham.

“This increase is the first one since 2011, so the five per cent rise is approximately in line with inflation. The danger of not increasing the fees on a regular/annual basis is that any future increases in line with inflation would result in a larger overall increase than when raised incrementally.

“The new fees are a fair reflection of the true costs involved in running burial services at Hailsham Cemetery.”

Based on the same number of burials as 2012, the increase in revenue for 2013/14 with the agreed increase will be £2,670.