Controversial white lions find new home

One of the lions at its new home
One of the lions at its new home

A QUARTET of white lions which caused a mountain of controversy when they were put on show outside farm in Pevensey have a new home – on an Eastbourne roundabout.

Sheikh Abid Gulzar, who runs the Albany Lions Hotels on Eastbourne seafront, stirred a hornets nest with locals when he erected the four large stone sculptures outside of a plot of farmland he owns on Wartling Road.

He was forced to move them after neighbours complained and the local authority refused to rubber stamp retrospective planning permission.

Now though, the four foot high lions finally have a home – and one unlikely to prove quite so controversial.

They have been put on the roundabout outside the Sovereign Centre – arriving there on the back of a large lorry last week.

The subsequent installation went ahead under the watchful eye of Simon Hurt, of Eastbourne Borough Parks and Gardens, with a helping hand provided by staff from their former Pevensey farm home.

The Lions were cemented into the ground as a result of the move, The Lions Hotel Group has now agreed to sponsor the Sovereign Centre roundabout.

Mr Gulzar said, “We are very happy that visitors to Eastbourne will be welcomed by the mascots for our hotels and farms.

“Although Wealden councillors were not happy with their previous position, we know they were popular with many who passed along the Wartling Road and we are sure that they will become a landmark and talking point in their new home.”

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