Constituents wake up and react to election news

Eastbourne's New MP Caroline Ansell (Conservative) and husband Nick Ansell SUS-150805-063501001
Eastbourne's New MP Caroline Ansell (Conservative) and husband Nick Ansell SUS-150805-063501001

Eastbourne residents woke up to the news that the Conservatives had taken the town’s seat from the Lib Dems in the General Election.

The town’s new tory MP Caroline Ansell celebrated a 733-vote victory over Stephen Lloyd in the early hours of this morning (May 8).

Herald readers reacted to the news as the town woke up. The majority of people said they were sad to see Stephen Lloyd go and thanked him for serving the town.

Readers took to Facebook with their opinions on the results.

Jan Whiting posted, “Very best of luck to Steven Lloyd, so gutted that he didn’t get in, he has been the most caring politician a town could have. God help us all now.

“Caroline Ansell, I hope you put in as much effort as Steven did, especially regarding our hospital.”

Linda Letherby added, “The hardest working MP we have ever had, thank you Stephen Lloyd for all you have done for this town.”

Jane ‘Janey’ Dobson-Bakiaj said, “God speed Stephen. We shall miss you and your team I know how tirelessly you all worked for people in this town. Stuff the haters remember you can’t please all of the people all of the time. And I will be demanding a recount.

“Enjoy your break after this campaign you both deserve it.”

Helen McCarthy said, “Best of luck Mr Lloyd. Absolutely gutted.”

And Heidi Webb echoed their sentiments and said, “So sorry to see you go.

“After working so hard to make this town what it is – now we face cuts and dilapidated buildings.”

Julie Homan said, “Good luck to Stephen in his future commitments and maybe a bit of a rest after all you have done for us, and good luck to Caroline Ansell as she has a challenge ahead of her if she is hoping to win the place in our hearts that Stephen filled with his care for our town.”

The results were as follows: Caroline Ansell (CON) 20,934, Stephen Lloyd (LIB DEM) 20,201, Nigel Jones (UKIP) 6,139, Jake Lambert (LAB) 4,143, Andrew Durling (GREEN) 1,351 and Paul Howard (IND) 139.

There was a long delay in announcing the winner after party political agents asked for the bundles of votes to be recounted.

She will be the town’s Member of Parliament for the next five years.

The mother of three said she was delighted with the result and looking forward to representing Eastbourne and being a first class constituency MP.

The count for the borough council elections – to elect 27 members to the council – is being held at the Town Hall on Saturday with the results being announced throughout the day.