Conservative leader set to hand over position

Councillor Tony Nicholson
Councillor Tony Nicholson

THE CONSERVATIVE leader of Lewes District Council (LDC) is set to be replaced after stepping down as group leader of the party group.

Councillor Tony Nicholson, of Marine Drive, Seaford, is still currently leader of LDC but is due to handover the position later this month after formally resigning.

Last week Councillor James Page was named the Conservative party group leader and on February 20 a new leader of LDC will be elected.

In a press statement Cllr Nicholson did not give his reasons for his forthcoming resignation saying, “Having steered the group through the first nine months of the new Conservative administration at Lewes District Council it’s right and proper for Cllr Page to take over the reigns of the change programme he has initiated and to the carry the process through.

“I’m fully supportive of the planned changes and will play a full part as a member of the Conservative group.”

Cllr Page added, “I would like to thank Councillor Nicholson on behalf of myself and the entire party group for his contribution both to the council in the years of being the minority party and more recently as council leader.

“I’m fully aware of the responsibility and challenges ahead in leading the Conservative group in the era of financial restraint.

“For the time being Cllr Nicholson remains leader of Lewes District Council and will remain so until February 20 when he will resign as leader of Lewes District Council.”

At last year’s elections the Conservatives gained control of Lewes District Council which had previously been Lib-Dem led for 20 years.