Complaints over taxi noise

Old Orchard Road Taxi Rank. September 10th 2013 E37216P_corrected
Old Orchard Road Taxi Rank. September 10th 2013 E37216P_corrected

Residents living in the town centre have said taxi drivers are parking dangerously in their road and are making noise well into the early hours of the morning.

People living in Old Orchard Road and Arlington Road sent a letter to the Herald saying they were suffering as a result of the taxi drivers in Old Orchard Road.

There is a taxi rank at the bottom of the road opposite the library which is used by licensed Hackney taxis.

The letter read, “During the day they are a danger to those attending the doctor’s surgery because they park on double lines on the corners and at night, we suffer the most.

“The noise of the doors banging, loud talking and engines turning on and off will continue well past 1am.”

The letter added that residents had been in touch with the town’s MP Stephen Lloyd, the police and Eastbourne Borough Council to discuss the problem but to no avail, adding, “They refuse to address the problem by moving them elsewhere.”

Old Orchard Road resident Alex Hough, who did not pen the letter, said she could see the situation from both sides, adding that the drivers would often stand in the middle of the road talking to each other and could be noisy.

She added, “They can park dangerously but the location is a good one, because they can see when the trains are coming into the station.

“I would be happy to support the people that wrote the letter.”

The town’s MP Stephen Lloyd said the issue had been running for some time and that there had been efforts made to try and find a ‘happy medium’.

He said he had been in contact with the council over the matter, adding, “I totally appreciate and understand the frustration of local residents in Old Orchard Road over this issue.

“I have written to the council and I’m aware they have made real efforts to try and square a difficult problem in the last nine months or so.

“Fewer taxis now queue up in the numbers they used to but I recognise that for the cab drivers it would severely damage their trade or their ability to earn a living if none of them could queue up in the established taxi rank.”

A spokesperson for Eastbourne Borough Council said, “While the location of the taxi rank in Old Orchard Road is not the responsibility of the borough council, we are working closely with our partners at East Sussex County Council to find a solution to the issues that have been raised that meets the needs of taxi drivers and local residents.

“Earlier this year we consulted with taxi drivers on the future of the Old Orchard Road taxi rank and the comments received are being considered by officers at East Sussex County Council.”