Community begins the healing process

Chris Poole murder, tribute near Premier Foodstore in Hampden Park. August 23rd 2012.E34050N
Chris Poole murder, tribute near Premier Foodstore in Hampden Park. August 23rd 2012.E34050N

A community shocked by the murder of Chris Poole will now be given the chance to consult with the police and the council about how to move forward.

A consultation, which will include a number of local authorities, will soon be held at St Peter’s Church in the Hydneye, Hampden Park. A date has not yet been set but it is hoped arrangements can be made promptly now the trial is over.

Hampden Park Cllr Pat Hearn spoke to the Herald following the conviction of Shane Noble and Joe Chapman at Lewes Crown Court on Wednesday (February 6) and said she was looking forward to the community meeting and hearing ideas from local residents.

Cllr Hearn said, “I am pleased the pair have been brought to justice.

“I hope that now the trial is over, it will provide some closure for Chris Poole’s family.

“I think the consultation at St Peter’s will help the community to move forward from this terrible incident.

“At the time, there was talk that people were scared to go out and perception of the area became a problem.

“I hope the strength of the community spirit in Hampden Park will continue to shine through and local residents will come and tell us what they feel is needed in the area.”

Police are also on board with the consultation.

Chief Inspector Steve Biglands, Eastbourne district commander, said, “This was a tragic incident that shocked the community and our thoughts are with Mr Poole’s family.

“We are working closely with partners to swiftly and effectively deal with any anti-social behaviour.

“There are many ways in which communities can report incidents which impact upon them - through the police, council, their neighbourhood panels and local neighbourhood teams.

“Our response may be to simply increase patrols or take direct action.

“Working with the community and encouraging them to report any anti-social behaviour has led a number of successful actions and prosecutions, anti social behaviour orders and injunctions.

“Together, working with the appropriate agencies, we aim to tackle issues where people are suffering in the community.

“There will be a consultation event in Hampden Park in the near future, in partnership with Eastbourne Borough Council, to address any concerns the community may have following this tragic incident.”

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd also spoke to the Herald following the conviction.

He said, “I am glad the two perpetrators of this dreadful crime have been brought to book.

“Justice has been done and though it will not bring Chris back to his loving family, it shows that the police and courts will go to great lengths to ensure the awful, shocking crime of murder does not go unpunished, irrespective of the age of the criminals.”