Community backs Seaford golf club plan

NEW PLANS for a golf clubhouse in Seaford were unveiled to the public last week and have gained support from the community.

An initial design was criticised by some residents so planners went back to the drawing board and the latest proposals have received a more positive response.

On Wednesday Seaford residents were invited to the clubhouse at Seaford Head Golf Course which is owned by Seaford Town Council (STC).

Previous proposals submitted by STC were rejected by Lewes District Council, prompting changes to be made to the old design.

The new design is a part single and part two-storey building cut into the slope of the site.

The hospitality facilities include a club bar, and a dining area/function space. These have been reduced in the latest plans and the main function space now faces directly away from the houses, following concerns about noise.

Resident Tony Titchener said, “It sits in with the landscape a lot better than the previous plan in my observation.

“It’s much less visually intrusive. They seem to have taken note of previous objections.”

Tony Gibbs whose wife is a wheelchair user added, “Overall I don’t see a problem. They certainly need a new golf clubhouse because we’re very much into our access and it’s abysmal [at the moment]” while Ernie Hill added, “I’m 100 per cent for it. The sooner it gets built the better.

“It will bring money into the town.”

Town councillors had argued that a new clubhouse was desperately needed and facilities needed to be updated. Any new plans will have to be approved by both Lewes District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority before works can start.

President of the Golf Club Don Mabey said, “I think the designs are very nice.

“It’s something we have all looked forward to for a long, long time.

“I moved to Seaford because I loved the golf course so much.

“It will bring in more money for the town.”

Club member Fred Newman added, “It’s not as conspicuous as the old design.

“They’ve made it match in quite well.

“To pour good money into a building like this is a waste of money, it’s got to move forward.”

Paula Sellwood, said, “Initially I think they look much better than the original ones. It seems less intrusive. It is going to cost a lot of money”.

Bob Gower said, “It’s much improved. It should fit in with the vista.

“I do want to see business plans made public though to see if it’s financially viable and I would like to be to assured that proper cash flow forecasts have been prepared.”

Terry Nitman from Cheesmur Building Contractors said, “We had numerous meetings with Lewes District Council and South Downs National Park Authority planners.

“They made some valued observations and we took those comments on board and we’re delighted with the revised scheme.

“It will enhance the area and think it blends in very well.

“We’ve worked hard to address the concerns that were raised in previous applications.

“It’s not just a facility for the golf club it’s a facility for the town.”

The public has the chance to see the plans until this Sunday (March 11).