Comic Julian Clary is looking for love in Eastbourne

Julian Clary
Julian Clary

YOU are invited to a wedding. Please bring your own confetti. A glass of Blue Nun may be available to those who make a real effort or to anyone named Jason.

Yes, that’s right, Julian Clary is back. In his hilarious new show, “Position Vacant, Apply Within”, which is touring the UK this autumn, comedian Julian Clary is looking for love, and he’s determined not to depart empty-handed. He promises to leave no straight unturned.

As he scours the land in search of love, Julian announces that: “Because I’m still considered quite a catch and because your town is noted for its heterosexuals on the cusp, there’s bound to be stiff competition. Therefore, I will be hosting ruthless elimination games.

“We can be sure of one thing: By the end of the evening will all be celebrating my new partnership.” Can’t wait!

Position Vacant, Apply Within underscores Julian’s status as perhaps our finest off-the-cuff comedian. When it comes to spontaneous interaction with the audience, there is simply no finer stand-up around. The critics agree. The Birmingham Mail, for instance, declares that, “Julian Clary is pure genius.”

What distinguishes Julian’s act is the sheer warmth that he generates onstage. When we meet at his north London home in the run-up to the tour, our conversation is studded with laughter; he is a marvellous mixture of the funny and the frank. In person, he exudes that same compelling mixture of glamour and humour which captivate audiences in the theatre.

The comedian, who has also developed a second career as a bestselling novelist, explains his love of performing. “It is an addictive thing.

“Getting a laugh is very good for my soul and for my ego. I genuinely look forward to it after nine months at home writing a book. I could never just write books. I need to go out and feel the love.”

Julian, who is the undisputed master of camp comedy, goes on to articulate the thrill he feels whenever he steps on stage. “Is it possible to put the feeling into words? I love the fact that it’s my material and my world. I often think how difficult an actor’s life must be – you sit around waiting for someone to invite you to say someone else’s words. But stand-up is your own universe.

“My good friend Paul Merton once said to me, ‘You might as well go on tour because you would be doing exactly the same thing if you were just sitting at home.’ Stand-up is just being yourself in an exaggerated form. You’re making yourself feel good, as well as everyone else – it’s a win-win situation.”

Julian, who won a whole new audience with his delightful performance on Strictly Come Dancing eight years ago, carries on that, “I expect someone has done a study of the effects of laughter and the sociology of why we love it. If one defines entertainment as a means of escape, then laughter is the ultimate means of escape because it’s so transporting.

“Comedy is about stepping outside the conventional. It such an exhilarating experience that it’s very hard to give it up.”

Position Vacant, Apply Within is a really funny parody of conventional game shows.

Tickets are £20 with concessions at £18 and can be purchased from Box Office on 01323 412000 or online at Recommended age 16 and over.