Comedian praises council support for Hippodrome

Jimmy Cricket
Jimmy Cricket

LEGENDARY funnyman Jimmy Cricket has praised hotel and council leaders for supporting the town’s historic Royal Hippodrome Theatre by helping stage his family variety show.

The Sentimental Journey, starring Jimmy and a host of other comedy performers, has proved a hit with audiences and has kept the Hippodrome in the spotlight.

Working in partnership, the Eastbourne Hospitality Association (EHA) and Eastbourne Borough Council have helped fund the production to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

Jimmy said, “The Royal Hippodrome has a unique and intimate atmosphere and any artiste that performs there immediately falls in love with it. I applaud both the council and hoteliers of Eastbourne for putting on a traditional family variety show there this year.

“The fact that audience numbers have increased steadily as the summer has progressed proves that there is an appetite for that sort of show these days. Here’s to the future.”

The Royal Hippodrome opened in 1883 as the New Theatre Royal and Opera House.

It changed to the Royal Hippodrome in 1904 following refurbishment. It was the home of Music Hall in Eastbourne for many years and has the longest running summer show in Britain.

Jerome Farrow, chairman of the EHA, said, “We are pleased with the growing success of the production at the Hippodrome this year, and particularly happy so many residents are taking the opportunity to see the show. All the patrons have told us how good it was as they left.

“We are delighted that through our efforts, against the backdrop of a difficult financial year, we have been able to assist in making sure the theatre was used and would like to thank Eastbourne Borough Council for making it happen.

“We would be more than happy, if asked, to continue this relationship next year to ensure the continued use of this magnificent theatre.”

Cllr Neil Stanley said, “The Hippodrome holds an incredibly important place in the town’s cultural heritage and we are determined to do all we can to ensure residents and visitors can continue to enjoy its unique atmosphere.”