Club shocked after vandals wreck pitch

Langney Wanderers SUS-141211-170946001
Langney Wanderers SUS-141211-170946001

Langney Wanderers Football Club will struggle to host matches this weekend after their dugout and pitch was vandalised on Tuesday night (November 11).

The team’s concrete dugout at the Shinewater Recreational Ground, in Shinewater Park, was completely destroyed, leaving just rubble beside the touchline, and a wheelie bin was set alight on the pitch.

Tracey Saunders, who is the club’s secretary and runs the club with her husband Steve Saunders, was notified about the state of the dugouts and the pitch on Wednesday morning (November 12).

Mrs Saunders said, “I got a message this morning that it had been smashed up. We were told that there was a fire on the pitch and the fire brigade had been called.”

The Langney outfit are a newly-formed club and won Sussex Division Three earlier this year. Despite first being told they were unable to compete in Division Two due to not having floodlights, they had recently been granted permission.

Mrs Saunders added, “The dugout has only been up a year. I don’t think there is anything behind it.

“It’s difficult because me and my husband run and fund the club. It’s disappointing as we’ve come so far in the past few years and this is a bit of setback.

“We’re going to have to buy two portable dugouts before Saturday’s match which cost £1,500 each.”

Langney Wanderers manager Ken McCreadie said, “You will not get two people who have put so much into a club like they have, they are such nice people.

“It is a couple of things that have happened now.

“Langney gets a bad reputation because of things like this but there are also good people. People laughed at them when they started the club, but look at them now.”

The Recreational Ground was previously the home of Shinewater AFC.