Cliff top memorials at Beachy Head removed

Coast near Beachy Head SUS-180703-235611008
Coast near Beachy Head SUS-180703-235611008

Memorials to loved ones who died at Beachy Head have been removed by Eastbourne Borough Council.

The council says research had found memorials at the spot could influence people in a distressed state.

The authority said they were removed from the cliff to “help safeguard lives”.

A council spokesperson said this week the decision to remove memorials – including crosses with names on and flower vases – was made with input from the Samaritans, the Beachy Head chaplains, HM Coastguard, Sussex Police and public health officials, all involved in making the cliffs running along the Eastbourne coast, a safe place for people to visit.

“Research has also shown that knowledge of a site that many people have chosen as a place to end their life can lead to future incidents at the same location,” said the spokesperson.

“The effect may not be immediate but can be a recollection, triggered years later, when the memory of a memorial could prompt individuals to return at a time when they desperately need help and support.”

The removed memorials, around half a dozen, are being kept for up to one month in safe storage, says the council, so people can collect them.