Cliff fissure at beauty spot sparks warning

Crack in Seaford Head cliffs SUS-140923-144533001
Crack in Seaford Head cliffs SUS-140923-144533001

A crack in a Seaford cliff received national attention last week after a woman alerted the Newhaven Lifeboat crew to the danger spot.

Local walker Amanda Death spotted the crack at Seaford Head on Saturday September 22, and it has since received attention from national press.

“I was at Splash Point a couple of weeks ago, as my daughter wanted to have breakfast down on the beach,” said Amanda.

“We had breakfast and we went for a walk. Then I saw the crack and took a picture. I thought ‘crikey it is quite big’.

“I sent the picture to Newhaven Lifeboat so they would be aware of it.

“They put it up on their Facebook page to flag it up.”

Since then, the discovery has been featured on BBC and ITV news channels, and has heightened awareness of the dangers of the cliffs in the area.

Graham Easton from the Newhaven Coastguard said although cliff cracks are a regular occurrence in the area, he warned people to be careful when walking at the beauty spot.

“The crack at Seaford is not particularly unusual,” he said.

“But I would advise people to stay away from the cliff edge, as it could be dangerous.”

He said it was important for walkers not to get too close to the edge of the cliffs, or walk at the base of the cliffs, in case it collapsed.

“A cliff fall could be devastating if you’re underneath,” he said.

He said the recent severe weather has meant cliff erosion is becoming more common.

The crack at Seaford Head comes just seven months after more than three metres of chalky white rock crumbled at Birling Gap.

This resulted in several properties being demolished, as the cliffs fell into the sea in February.

There has also been deterioration at Seaford Head in recent months, with an area at Splash Point being shut because of damage to the cliff face caused by storms in February.

The Newhaven Lifeboat crew and coastguard have warned people to ‘be mindful’ of the crack in the cliff if they are taking a walk at Seaford Head.