Classic MG in Hollywood film

Mike Kellaway with his 1949 MG car
Mike Kellaway with his 1949 MG car

A CAR enthusiast from Hailsham has seen his 1949 MG appear in the film ‘Iron Lady’.

Mike Kellaway’s classic car was chosen to feature in the film by actress Alexandra Roach who plays the young Margaret Thatcher.

She decided the green vehicle, which was chosen from around a dozen, was the perfect one to star in the highly-acclaimed docu-drama when she spotted it at Pinewood Studios.

Mr Kellaway, of Sandbanks Way, said it made its first cameo appearance in the Blonde Bombshell around 12 years ago.

The retired motor engineer also has a 1953 sports car and a 1966 MG 1100 which have also had a claim to fame.

Talking of his passion for classic cars he said, “When I left the army in 1959/60 I bought an old Lagoon Sports car and had that for 18 months.

“Then I bought a Rolls Royce with a girlfriend and we went 50/50 to pay for it.

“I had the Rolls Royce for about five years but always hankered after something.

“There were one or two cars I had been interested in and there was an MG green for sale in Guildford.

“I have had it for 20 years and you can take four people out in it comfortably with their luggage in it.”

The Hailsham resident has driven about 30,000 miles in those two decades.

Mr Kellaway has watched the ‘Iron Lady’, which features Meryl Streep as the older Margaret Thatcher.

She won best actress at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts’ First Annual Awards ceremony for playing Margaret Thatcher.

The classic car fan said he enjoyed the film and was pleased his car had been chosen, saying he hoped when it was eventually sold that the next person would cherish it.

Mr Kellaway added, “It’s a little car that will be with me until I go. Being old-fashioned I get quite attached to cars.

“It’s a car you can take out on a nice summer’s day.”