Cinema speaks about stripping stunt

Cinema stripper SUS-150907-101917001
Cinema stripper SUS-150907-101917001

Cineworld has commented after an Eastbourne man stripped in front of last night’s Magic Mike XXL audience.

Luke Samson launched a campaign on Facebook calling on his friends and followers to ‘like’ his status if they wanted to see him strip at the local cinema.

Luke posted, “1,000 likes and I’ll jump on the stage at Cineworld Eastbourne and do a full strip routine through Magic Mike XXL @ 8.30.”

After 1,600 people liked his status, he was true to his word and stripped during the closing credits of the movie on Wednesday night (July 8).

Hundreds have congratulated Luke on his antics and called him a ‘legend’ but a Cineworld felt the strip-tease act was best left to Channing Tatum, who plays the part of a male stripper in the new film Magic Mike XXL.

The Cineworld spokesperson told the Herald, “We love to see our customers enjoying films, but we prefer them to do it with their clothes on.”

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