Church’s concern as Polegate burial space runs out

Polegate Town Council is on the hunt for suitable parcels of land after it was made aware of a severe lack of burial space in the area.

Hugh Lowries, the PCC Secretary at St John’s Church in Polegate, expressed great concern about the lack of burial space in the town since the church’s Garden of Remembrance is full. This means that while there is nowhere for a body to be buried, there is now no space for ashes to be interred either.

Mr Lowries said, “We take for granted that our local authority will remove our rubbish, light our streets, educate our children and much more. But what about when we die?

“If you are a resident of Polegate, there is nowhere for your body to be buried, and since the Garden of Remembrance at St John’s Church is full, there is nowhere for your ashes to be interred either.

“Neighbouring Willingdon has a cemetery but charges a much higher fee to Polegate residents than to Willingdon ones.

“The Parochial Church Council of St John’s Polegate believe it is time something is done. We call on Polegate Town Council to act, please, to meet this essential need.”

However, a lot is already being done by the council to try and address the problem but it is proving more difficult than expected to find areas of land that are both available and suitable.

A spokesperson from Polegate Town Council said, “We are aware of the problem and we are actively looking into finding suitable parcels of land. Residents can rest assured it is an ongoing process.”

While some areas of land have already been identified, most of them transpire to be unsuitable for crematorium purposes due to groundwater pollution potential, according to the Environment Agency, or because they are owned by other people.