Chubby chirpster in a fatball feeding scrape

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A STARLING found itself in a tight spot when it became stuck tight in bird feeder.

On Monday (May 30) rescuers rushed to the aid of a young starling stuck in the bottom of a fatball bird feeder in an Eastbourne garden.

Volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS), rushed to an address at Priory Road and used wire cutters to free the young starling from the encasing wire.

Trevor Weeks, East Sussex WRAS rescue co-ordinato and founder of the charity, said, “I’ve never seen a bird quite so well stuck before, there were legs and feathers sticking out all over the place!

“It wasn’t possible to lift the bird up out the entrance to the wire feeder, so we had no choice but to cut the feeder open.

“We had to use a pair of wire cutters to cut a number of sections of wire away so the starling could be removed gently without causing any additional damage.

“We were concerned that the birds tail was being bent at a nasty angle which would definitely have been uncomfortable and stressful for the bird.”

The bird was taken back to East Sussex WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith, where he has been given a wash to remove faeces from the feathers and medication for the bruising and shock.

Trevor said, “We hope that this ordeal has not been too traumatic for the bird and hope that he will make a full recovery”

WRAS is urging people with bird feeders to ensure they are using feeders which are in good condition and to only use feeders which have lids on them so birds cannot get down inside to get stuck as well as reminding people to disinfect and clean their bird feeders on a regular basis.

East Sussex WRAS is funded by generous donations and is only able to attend such incidents thanks to kind and generous donations from the public.

To make a donation please visit or ring 01825873003.