Christmas clean-up in Hailsham

Work to remove chewing gum from the footpaths and paved areas in the High Street will start soon, as part of the Town Council’s drive to help keep the town centre clean, tidy and graffiti-free.

Works staff will remove unsightly deposits of chewing gum in the High Street, George Street and Vicarage Field, using a high pressure steam cleaning process and working to ensure minimum disruption to shoppers and residents.

Members of the public have acknowledged the ongoing success of Hailsham Town Council’s environmental cleansing activities, which has confirmed that a clean and safe environment for residents is a key priority in order to help keep the town centre and street furniture clean, tidy and graffiti-free.

Steve McAuliffe, joint oversight councillor for Environment at Hailsham Town Council, said, “Regrettably, due to the actions of a few irresponsible people who do not discard of chewing gum in an appropriate way, we have to take this action to ensure the town centre is at its tidiest for the December festivities.”

“Our gum and graffiti removal machine in particular is just part of our organised approach to improving the overall cleanliness of Hailsham and we will continue our efforts to make the environment cleaner and environmentally pleasing in the future.”

“It is estimated that in the region of 20 million people in the UK chew gum and most chewing gum used is discarded on the streets and roads.

“Dropping gum is inconsiderate, unhygienic and unsightly.

“I would urge those who drop chewing gum to act responsibly and throw their gum in the nearest litter bin.”

If you would like further information about the environmental services carried out by Hailsham Town Council or wish to report cases of graffiti or other environmental annoyances, please contact call 01323 841702 (during office hours) or email