Christine’s life through a lens for 1,000 days

Christine Armstrong's photo of the town
Christine Armstrong's photo of the town

An Eastbourne photography buff has celebrated the challenge of recording more than two years of her life by taking 1,000 daily photographs on photo blogging platform

That was more than 1,000 days ago and Christine Armstrong hasn’t stopped since.

Christine, a 55-year-old sales assistant, first heard about Blipfoto through her son.

She had a look at the site, liked what she saw and decided to sign up.

Christine said, “Before Blipfoto, I didn’t take photos daily. Now, I’ve always got my camera on me ready to take photos on my daily travels. I feel I need to take photos daily for Blip so I think about what to take and look out for things to photograph and, if not, I follow an idea via the forums.”

“My view of the environment has changed since I first joined. Blipping makes me look at things around me more carefully, to see if there is anything interesting to take a picture of. Before, I wouldn’t have paid enough attention at my surroundings or I wouldn’t have seen anything worthy of a photo.”

“I don’t have a preferred technique. However, though since my daughter bought me a new camera with a better macro I have been taking a lot of close-up pictures.”

“I like taking photos of anything that I find relevant around me. I take photos of various things, such as flowers, fruits, landscapes, insects, animals, buildings. I also like taking pictures of people. For example, in my journal, I captured my daughter’s 18th birthday.”

“To someone thinking about taking on a 365 project I would say do it, you won’t regret it. It’s like a photographic diary of your life as it happens.

“When I first joined Blipfoto I didn’t think I’d make it to 365 but I did.”

Blipfoto invites people to join the worldwide community to save and share their daily lives with others. The simple and addictive concept is based on uploading just one new photo – taken that very day–- to a journal. Many people do this every day and others as often as they can.

The website design is clean, simple and free of advertising. For more information and to see Christine’s journal visit