Children head to the great outdoors for fishing and fun

The busy barbecue sold out by the end of the fete'Photo: Lyddington 2 EMN-141205-143912001
The busy barbecue sold out by the end of the fete'Photo: Lyddington 2 EMN-141205-143912001

An innovative fishing event that aims to get kids away from technology and into the great outdoors has proved successful for its third successive year.

Fish4Kidz is an annual occasion that invites children and their parents or guardians to spend some valuable time together out on the water.

This year’s event was the most successful yet, with 70 children turning up for the day and 33 catching fish.

The overall winner was ten-year old Oliver Newman with 190 points, ahead of six-year-old Alfie Sargeant with 84 points and Delilah Worrell with 80 points. Six-year-old Delilah also had the biggest fish of the day with a 43cm bass.

On a chilly and breezy day, the children caught a wide variety of fish, including flounders, bass, rockling, pouting, eels and weavers - the latter of which are poisonous and could only be handled by a steward or parent.

The kids were also treated to a special rescue demonstration on the morning of the event by the RNLI.

Organiser Steve Frost said, “It takes me about four months to organise Fish4Kidz but I could not do it without the help of Glyn and Kevin Morgan of the Anglers Den, Tony Kirrage of Tony’s Tackle, Arran Aghili of A.T. Tackle, Dave Pringle and Chris Hurst of the Eastbourne Angling Association and Dave Philips of the RNLI.

“All the hard work is worth it when you see all the youngsters smiling faces on the day, all eager to catch what is possibly their first ever fish.

“At the end of the day when Stephen Lloyd MP presents the prizes to the children, it makes me so happy, it puts a tear to my eye, it’s wonderful. I must also thank my wife Chermaine for helping check the paperwork.”

Stephen Lloyd added, “It’s great to support such a fun event.

“All the kids really enjoy being in the fresh air and learning where there food comes from. Special thanks also go to ESK who supplied the prize.”