Child cuts hands on glass ‘glued’ to play equipment in Eastbourne park

The exercise equipment in Holly Park
The exercise equipment in Holly Park

A father is angry his son was hurt by shards of glass he says were stuck to play equipment in a park.

Six-year-old Hunter was playing on one of the exercise apparatus in Holly Park when his hands got badly cut.

The glass on the play equipment in Holly Park

The glass on the play equipment in Holly Park

His dad Greg Draven, of Willingdon Trees, believes someone had stuck the shards there to deliberately harm someone.

He said, “There was quite a lot of blood. I went to take a look – my wife said she tried to wipe it off with a paper towel and it just started shredding, and she saw it was pieces of glass so thought someone had smashed a bottle.

“But the tiny shards were fixed to the surface of the apparatus. Someone had somehow stuck these on there.

“I believe they did that with malicious intent.”

Greg reported the incident to the council and says it was cleared when he returned today (Friday).

He said Hunter is okay, “He’s an awesome little dude. We’ll be more mindful now.

“I grew up here. But even when I was a kid we didn’t go around smashing things up.

“This kind of act of violence makes you angry. This is a problem. I don’t get the mentality, this is why we can’t have nice things.

“This has never been a fantastic area but it could be, it’s about changing peoples’ attitudes.”