Chief Inspector's warning for Eastbourne residents over Easter break

Eastbourne's Chief Inspector has warned residents and visitors to be vigilant to crime this bank holiday weekend.

Friday, 14th April 2017, 2:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:55 pm
Emma Brice

Emma Brice, district commander for Eastbourne, Lewes and Wealden, has advised people to have their wits about them when holidaying or enjoying the time off.

She said, “Spring has certainly sprung as the sun is shining, lambs are skipping in fields and many of us have been enjoying a hot cross bun or two.

“We are all looking forward to enjoying the long Easter weekend with our family and friends, however, we need to consider how safely kept are our personal items when we go on holiday or on days out.”

Chief Inspector Brice said people should be aware thieves operate in teams, with one distracting from the front while another attacks from behind – striking or snatching a bag.

She advised to keep contents of bags to a minimum and to keep wallets or purses in a deep pocket that can button up.

She continued, “Sadly Sussex Police receive an increase of reports involving shed and garage burglaries when the sun shines, so we still need to put in to action crime prevention.”

To prevent this sort of crime, advice is to ensure gates or access to the rear of the house are locked and secure, to trim overgrown plants which may give burglars a hiding place, and to secure garden tools and ladders in a locked shed or garage to prevent them from being used to break into your home.

Outside security lighting and a visible burglar alarm also help deter burglars.

Chief Inspector Brice said, “In Sussex, Operation Magpie is our response to burglary. This operation sees us working with our partner agencies with the aim of preventing burglary and, when it does happen, finding those responsible and searching for your stolen property as quickly as possible.”

Police recommend people to register property at, which is free of charge and can increase chances of being reunited with your property.

Finally CI Brice said, “Despite these warnings, Eastbourne and Sussex are safe places to visit. Please do enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and I wish you and your families a very Happy Easter.”