Chiddingly Horticultural Society Autumn Show results

Sue Burrough with her prize-winning orchid
Sue Burrough with her prize-winning orchid

PRIZE blooms and giant vegetables were on display at the Chiddingly Horticultural Society Autumn Show.

The winners were:

Dahlias – small: first Janet Canner; second Holly Dann; miniature: first Brian Patterson.

Cactus – small: first Holly Dann, second Robin Symington, third John Ford.

Ball – small: first Sue Burrough, second Holly Dann; miniature: first Robin Symington.

Pompon – first John Ford, second Sure Burrough, third Holly Dann.

Any other classification - second Holly Dann, third John Ford.

One specimen dahlia: first Robin Symington, second John Ford, third Holly Dann.

Chrysanthemums: first John Ford, second Daphne Robinson, third Dennis Brown.

Ornamental grass or sedge: first Brian Paterson, second Patricia Debley, third Holly Dann.

African marigolds: first Dennis Brown, second Janet Canner.

Michaelmas daisies: first Janet Canner.

Asters – single or double: first John Ford.

Any annual - three stems: first John Ford, second Christine Fairway, third Robin Symington.

Fuchsia: first Dennis Brown, second Queenie Cornford, third John Ford.

Roses: first Dennis Brown, second Christine Fairway, third Janet Gasson.

One spike, flower or shrub: first Janet Canner, second Phyllis Symmonds, third Dennis Brown.

Collection of flowers: first Brian Paterson, second Julie Baker, third Janet Canner.

Any other flower – three stems: first Janet Canner, second Robin Symington, third Dennis Brown.

Pot plant in flower - 7” max: first Daphne Robinson, second Janet Canner, third Bea Gatrell.

An orchid in flower in pot: first Sue Burrough, second Daphne Robinson, third Bea Gatrell.

Basket of five different veg: first William Simmonds, second Winnow Hardy, third Julie Baker.

Six white potatoes: first William Simmonds, second John Ford.

Six coloured potatoes: first William Simmonds, second John Ford.

Three leeks: first Winnow Hardy.

Six onions from sets: first John Ford, second Brenda Collins, third Winnow Hardy.

Two butternut squashes: first Phyllis Simmonds, second John Ford.

One vegetable marrow: first Julie Baker, second Phyllis Simmonds, third John Ford.

Six shallots: first John Ford, second Brian Paterson.

Six tomatoes: first William Simmonds, second Julie Biggs, third Daphne Robinson.

Six cherry tomatoes: first Holly Dann, second Ann Nicholls, third Robin Symington.

Three parsnips: first Julie Baker.

Three beetroot: first John Ford, second Julie Baker, third Phyllis Simmonds.

Six runner beans: first Brenda Collins, second Janet Canner, third John Ford.

A pumpkin: first Julie Baker, second John Ford, third Winnow Hardy.

Two vegetables: first Julie Baker, second Daphne Robinson, third John Ford.

A pot of chilli peppers: first John Ford.

The largest onion: John Ford.

The longest bean: Helen Miness.

The longest carrot: Julie Baker.

The heaviest potato: Julie Baker.

Six dessert apples: first Brenda Collins, second Sue Cornford, third Robin Symington.

Six culinary apples: first Ann Nicholls, second Robin Symington, third Janet Gassson.

Six of any other fruit: first Helen Miness, second John Ford, third Janet Canner.

The oddest shaped veg: Winnow Hardy.


A Christmas carol: first Daphne Robinson, second Julie Biggs, third Holly Dann.

Remembrance: first Julie Biggs, second Daphne Robinson.

Arrangement in an unusual container: first Holly Dann, second Julie Biggs.

Petite – fireworks: first Holly Dann; second Daphne Robinson.

Miniature in a thimble: first Julie Baker.


A date cake: first Georgina Carter, second Sue Cornford, third Terence Fairway.

A wholemeal loaf: first Helen Miness, second Winnow Hardy.

A sausage plait: first Georgina Carter, second Sue Cornford, third Patricia Debley.

Small dish of vegetable couscous: first Winnow Hardy, second Georgina Carter, third Helen Miness.

Three spiced pears: Queenie Cornford.

Three rock cakes: first Queenie Cornford, second Sue Cornford, third Helen Miness.

Lemon meringue pie: first Georgina Carter, second Christine Brinkley.

A dish using apples: first Georgina Carter, second Sue Cornford, third, Christine Fairway.

A jar of jam: first Phyllis Simmonds, second Winnow Hardy, third Daphne Robinson.

A jar of honey: Geoff Berry.


Seed heads: first Ann Nicholls, second William Simmonds, third Janet Gasson.

Early morning: first Sue Burrough, second Janet Gasson, third Sue Cornford.

An animal portrait: first Winnow Hardy, second Holly Dann, third Phyllis Debley.

Art and Craft

A papier mache vase: Julie Biggs.

A miniature picture - still life: first Linda Alsop, second Julie Biggs, third Marie Hayward.

Design for 2012 schedule: first John Ovenden, second Marie Hayward, third Julie Biggs.

Children’s Classes:

Photograph of people or animals: first Zoe Cornford, second Jade Allen, third Emma Carter.

A vegetable monster: first Emma Carter, second Zoe Cornford.

A bookmark: Zoe Cornford.

Design for 2012 schedule: first Zoe Cornford, second Emma Carter.

Trophy winners

Mr. Kitchen Dahlia Challenge Cup

Mr. Crane Chrysanthemum Challenge Cup

A. D. Frost Cup for Best Pot Plant

Bill Baker and Ken Davis Memorial Shield for Best Vegetables

Lilian Taylor Memorial Shield for best Cookery exhibit

John Laycock Cup for largest onion

Aggregate of all shows

Mr. Watson Perpetual Challenge Cup for Horticultural Classes

Lady Baillieu Perpetual Challenge Cup for Decorative Classes

Mrs. Vi Braden Perpetual Challenge Cup for Cookery Classes

Mrs. Watson Perpetual Challenge Cup for Children’s Classes

Mrs. Salle Barnham Perpetual Challenge Cup for Photography Classes

Annie Rose Memorial Cup for most points overall.