Chestnut Tree House: more enquiries from East Sussex

We continue to get more and more enquiries from East Sussex.

While we have always offered our services in East and West Sussex, with Chestnut Tree House being near Arundel, our East of the county presence has operated from temporary desk space.

However, with the growing demand, over the last couple of months, we have introduced new staff and set up a more permanent office in Eastbourne, in Commercial Road.

It has obviously been important to get all the supplies in place and ensure the staff have everything they need to operate as a ‘mini’ Chestnut Tree House over in East Sussex. They are now busy increasing awareness of the many different services we offer families, as well as trying to generate some fundraising income from supporters in that area.

As the only children’s hospice covering the whole of Sussex, we have to ensure that we not only offer our care services to those who need them in the county, but we also offer different ways for people to support us.

We are always coming up with new, fun and innovative ways for people to raise money for us, help out at events, or help raise our profile – be that manning stocks at a medieval event, taking part in a skydive, or talking to organisations about how they can raise money to pay for a day of care at Chestnut Tree House.