Chestnut Tree House

Calling all businesses, schools and groups in East Sussex!

If we give you £50 and four much can you give us back? Join our £50 Challenge and see how much you can raise for Chestnut Tree House!

In 2013, we raised nearly £16,000 from the challenge.

This year we are looking for 100 businesses, groups, schools or individuals to part in Chestnut’s £50 challenge.

For us, £50 is the cost for a sick child to spend an hour in our hydrotherapy pool or to have a session in our multi-sensory room.

It’s simple - we’ll give you £50 and you have four months to turn it into even more! Come up with your own fundraising ideas and organise activities to grow your money and help us to continue caring for the children and families who depend on us.

This is a great opportunity to involve everyone in your company or group and an excellent marketing opportunity too as all participants will be featured on our website and there’s great scope for local media coverage.

Will you take up Chestnut’s £50 Challenge? To sign up today call us on 01903 871846 or email