Charmaine’s project to help feed the homeless

Charmaine Sewell
Charmaine Sewell

An Eastbourne resident who left home when she was 14 will be spending a month abroad to support people who are on the streets.

Charmaine Sewell previously took part in a sky dive for the Big Issue Foundation and is now preparing to head overseas in June next year to Columbia.

The 32-year-old will be taking part in a project called, ‘Feeding the Honeless’ and she will be feeding the homeless people on the streets and in the shelters.

She is paying for the placement but looking for funds to help cover the cost of the return flight.

She said, “Homelessness has always been something I’m trying to raise awareness about. I’m really excited about this. It’s going to be an experience.

“I’m sure it will be tough as well but it’s something I’m really looking forward to doing it.”

In one day Charmaine could help to feed around 200 men, women and children.

If anyone would like to support Charmaine’s cause then they can do so by visiting the website: