Celebrate safely - police urge revellers

POLICE officers are warning New Year’s Eve revellers to drink sensibly and celebrate safely.

Extra patrols will be out in Eastbourne on Friday night (December 31) - as they have been throughout December.

Policing Commander Chief Superintendent Robin Smith said, “I have arranged for extra licensing patrols in order to ensure revellers make it home safely after social nights out.

“Violent injury crime is down across East Sussex by 7.5 per cent compared to last year, that’s 192 less offences.

“But at this time of peak policing demand, we are working extra hard to ensure people can celebrate in safety.

“We will send people home early if they are drunk and liable to cause trouble”.

The East Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team has issued a number of tips to help drinkers to stay safe.

They remind pub-goers and clubbers to eat before drinking alcohol, never leave one of their friends alone and if someone has passed out call 999 at once. They should also plan how to get home and put money aside for a taxi.

Chief Supt Smith said, “I’d like to wish all of our communities across East Sussex a happy New Year.”

Anyone wantinghelp, advice or information about alcohol should call Action for Change on 0300 111 2470 or visit www.action-for-change.org