CCTV caught man, 27, stealing coat

A 27-YEAR-OLD who stole a coat from Marks and Spencer has appeared in court.

Wayne Rogers, of Melbourne Road, went before the town’s magistrates court on Wednesday (June 27) and pleaded guilty to the shoplifting offence which took place on June 6.

The court heard Rogers had just been released from prison and money was tight.

He selected the coat and took it to the counter with his partner who had some children’s trousers that she was going to buy.

However, when Rogers was in the queue his partner gave him a carrier and he rolled up the coat and put it in the bag.

The couple then paid for the children’s clothing and left the store with the coat.

They had been watched by security on the CCTV and were stopped as they left the store.

Rogers’ girlfriend admitted the offences and was given a fixed penalty notice but Rogers could not be treated in the same way and was arrested for the offence.

Dan Harrison, defending, said, “This was unplanned, unsophisticated. It was a low value and the coat was recovered straight away.

“He committed the offence because money is tight. He has started a part-time course in brick laying at Sussex Downs College and he tells me he has very few possessions and clothes and needed the coat for college.

“It was committed out of desperation but he knew it was stupid.”

Mr Harrison explained Rogers was on licence but had not been recalled because it was minor offence.

Magistrates imposed a six-month conditional discharge and ordered Rogers to pay £50 in court costs.