Cavendish School needs help with history hunt

CAVENDISH School is holding a history hunt – and needs your help.

Following the Cavendish Identity Project, which culminated in an exhibition in The Little Theatre as part of this year’s Eastbourne Festival, Cavendish is trying to track down the history of the school.

It is believed that the school was founded by actor Douglas Moleheimer in 1843 which, if proved accurate, could make Cavendish the oldest school in Eastbourne.

Luke Sibson, a member of staff at Cavendish and part of the team who worked on the Identity Project, said, “We know bits and pieces about the history of the school before it moved to our current location on Eldon Road.

“Thanks to ex-staff and pupils, we know that it was previously situated on Melbourne Road – the current Bourne School site – and before that Christchurch.

“We even have a fairly extensive history of the Eastbourne Girls High School which was situated in our current building from its erection in 1939 to 1982, when we moved in.

“However we don’t have many details regarding Cavendish School pre-1969.

“If the school was indeed founded in 1843, then we have more than 100 years of history to account for, something we need a lot of help with.”

If you can help with the history hunt by providing any information or evidence, please contact Luke Sibson at Cavendish School by e-mail:, phone 746514 or visit the school in person.