Causeway exhibition celebrated Eastbourne’s local fishing heritage

Fishing exhibtiion SUS-180321-101609001
Fishing exhibtiion SUS-180321-101609001

A successful exhibition at the Causeway School Gallery helped to shed light on the unknown history of Eastbourne fishing families.

The Lottery funded Heritage project ‘Secret Catch - fishing families’ was organised by Community Stuff and put together to teach Causeway pupils about the town’s fishing heritage.

The private view attracted over 50 people.

The exhibition was put together by pupils and Community Stuff working with local historian and author Ted Hide, and was a great opportunity for those that took part in the project to display the research that they have been undertaking in this 6 months project.

Jo Seaman, the Heritage Manager at Eastbourne Borough Council officially opened the exhibition at the Private View which was attended by students of Causeway School, their families and friends, teachers, members of the fishing families and other residents in Eastbourne.

After visiting the exhibition Jo wrote in the comments book which is open for all visitors to write in “A wonderful project and thoroughly engaging exhibition. Well done to all involved”

The students that took part in the Secret Catch project took visitors around the exhibition where they explained what they had learned.

Topics included the role of women in fishing, the different methods of catching fish, some of the shipwrecks off the East coast, the cost of smuggling and family trees of the fishing families themselves.

The exhibition also includes photographs of the students as they visited the Eastbourne seafront so they could see the changes from Victorian times to modern day.

At the exhibition, which closed on March 7, visitors were able to listen to the interviews that each of the students did with Ted Hide, Brian Allchorn and Paul Metcalf MBE from RNLI in Eastbourne. There was also an opportunity for children to colour in some of the drawings created by pupils themselves.

Community stuff’s artist Clare Hackney-Ring has been artist in residence at the Causeway School gallery and painted alongside the project. Her paintings are also on display in the gallery.

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