Cause of Downs fire still unexplained

Photo by Dan Jessup
Photo by Dan Jessup

The cause of a major fire which broke out on the Downs at the weekend is still unexplained.

The blaze broke out in a field near Old Willingdon Road, Friston, and quickly spread, billowing smoke which could be seen for miles on Saturday (July 21).

Photo by Dan Jessup

Photo by Dan Jessup

Firefighters rushed to the scene at around 2.33pm to tackle the flames. It wasn’t out until 6.49pm and crews returned at 7.30pm for a re-inspection.

A spokesperson for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service told the Herald the incident commander said the cause is unknown.

They added there will be no further investigation as it is such a large amount of grassland to cover.

The cause could have been a discarded match or cigarette, they said.

Photos by Dan Jessup.

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