Cat stuck up tree in freezing conditions for four days

Sherman rescue SUS-170302-123423001
Sherman rescue SUS-170302-123423001

The owner of a cat who got stuck 30 feet up a tree for four days has thanked the tree surgeon who rescued him.

Sherman the cat, who lives in Westham with his owner Michelle O’Hara, went missing on January 24 during the freezing cold weather, with nighttime temperatures plummeting as low as -6.

Sherman rescue SUS-170302-123344001

Sherman rescue SUS-170302-123344001

Michelle said, “He went missing on the Tuesday. He usually goes out for half-an-hour or so and then comes home so I was concerned when we didn’t see him.

“We still didn’t see him Wednesday so I started to do some leaflets to deliver. When I was out delivering the leaflets some ladies came up to me and told me they had seen a black cat up a tree in the fields just behind my house. So I went down there to have a look and low and behold it was Sherman up there.”

Michelle estimated Sherman was around 20 feet off the ground and she spent a long time trying to coax him down.

“I tried offering him food but he just wouldn’t come down,” she said.

Sherman rescue SUS-170302-123401001

Sherman rescue SUS-170302-123401001

Michelle called the RSPCA who came out and phoned the fire brigade, but fire fighters were unable to reach Sherman who had become scared by the snapping of branches and moved further and further up the tree.

Michelle said, “He must have been 35 to 40 feet up the tree.”

Luckily, one of the retained fire fighters was a tree surgeon and he offered to come back with his equipment and save Sherman.

Michelle’s neighbours gathered with a tarpaulin in case Sherman should fall and Richard from Seaside Tree Care bravely climbed up to rescue the cat.

Michelle said, “It was very high and there were very thin branches and some of the branches were rotten - he was so brave and I can’t thank him enough.”

Richard tucked Sherman in his jacket and climbed back down to safety.

Maggie Prangnell, who took the photographs of the rescue, said, “It was with great relief that both man and cat reached the ground unharmed.”

Michelle said, “Sherman came in and scoffed down all his food and then had a long nap.

“He has been very affectionate since and he doesn’t want to go out too much at the moment, which is rather nice.”