Casey happy to give little Freya a hand

Casey and Freya
Casey and Freya

KIND-HEARTED six-year-old Casey Phillips completed a sponsored swim to raise money for a baby with a heart condition.

Little Freya Smith, a 10-month old twin, who lives in Langney, has disease of the heart muscle, and must attend hospital appointments in London on a regular basis and use a monitor at night.

Nicky, Freya’s mum, said there is no cure but the family has set up a fund to help with travel costs for hospital visits and to buy a better monitor. And Casey kicked-off the fundraising by swimming 35 lengths at the Sovereign Centre to raise cash for the fund.

Mum Nicky said, “Casey was amazing. They actually had to stop her from swimming when she had done the lengths because I think she would have carried on.”

Casey is a West Rise pupil with Nicky’s five-year-old daughter Maya. The young swimmer has raised around £200 for Freya’s fund.

Other fundraisers are planned such as a mufti day at West Rise while dad Adam Smith is going to run the Eastbourne Half Marathon to raise money for his daughter.

Mum Nicky said, “Freya has been through so much we want to make things easier for her so we started the fund. We have been so surprised at the response we have received from people. The support has just been amazing.”

Anyone who would like to help or who has any fundraising ideas should email