Carnival was the best day of our lives

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Eastbourne’s 2013 Carnival Queen and Princess say the seafront extravaganza was one of the best days of their lives.

Eighteen-year-old Queen Lucy Murphy and Paige Stockton, nine, took their place at the head of the procession on Saturday May 25.

Lucy, a college student, and Paige, who attends Oakwood School, were chosen from more than 100 hopefuls in a competition to find this year’s Carnival Queen and Princess.

The girls said they had a fantastic day right from the moment they met at lunchtime on the big day.

They had their hair styled and put up at Saints Salon in Station Street by stylist Shannon Ramazannezhad.

From there the two girls and their mothers Roxy Murphy and Kristeena Stockton headed to Boots in the Arndale Centre to have their make up done by Lauren Pannett, who works on the store’s Benefit counter.

The girls’ final stop before the procession was at Claire De Lune Bridal in South Street which provided them with dresses for the special occasion.

They travelled in a vintage car along the seafront parade waving to crowds and afterwards said it was one of the best days of their lives.

Lucy said she really enjoyed the occasion and Paige said, “It really was a fantastic day from start to finish.”