Candidates named in election countdown


With just three weeks to the East Sussex County Council elections, the names of candidates taking part in the political contest have been revealed.

The elections - to vote for councillors to represent Eastbourne on the county council - will be on Thursday May 2 and voters in Eastbourne will choose a councillor in each of the wards, Devonshire, Hampden Park, Langney, Meads, Old Town, Ratton, Sovereign, St Anthony’s and Upperton.

The current councillors for those areas are Beryl Healy, Mike Thompson, Jon Harris, Barry Taylor, Carolyn Heaps, Colin Belsey, David Elkin, David Tutt and Pat Rodohan.

Several Liberal Democrat councillors are stepping down from their roles at County Hall including party veteran Beryl Healy, Carolyn Heaps, Mike Thompson and Jon Harris. The rest hope to retain their seats.

Candidates standing are Devonshire: Keith Gell (Ind), Bob Lacey (UKIP), Colin Murdoch (Cons), Gerry Stonestreet (Lab), Steve Wallis (Lib Dem); Hampden Park: Mike Blanch (Lib Dem), Paul Brown (UKIP), Simon Howe (Cons), Paul Richards (Lab); Langney: Lee Comfort (Lab), Gordon Jenkins Cons), Diane Kefallinos (UKIP) and Alan Shuttleworth (Lib Dem); Meads: Linda Beckmann (Lib Dem), Dorothy Forsyth (Green), Dennis Scard (Lab), Barry Taylor (Cons), Alan Thornton (UKIP); Old Town: Anne Angel (Cons), David Greaves (UKIP), Sarah Richards (Lab), John Ungar (Lib Dem); Ratton: Colin Belsey (Cons), Anne Grigg (Lab), Roger Stagnell (UKIP), Neil Stanley (Lib Dem) and Ann Sterenberg (Green); Sovereign: David Elkin (Cons), Richard Goude (Lab), Robert Harper (UKIP), Steve Holt (Lib Dem); St Anthony’s: Ian Culshaw (Lab), Hugh Norris (Green), David Tutt (Lib Dem), Patrick Warner (Cons), Christine Woodley (UKIP) and Upperton: Tom Liddiard (Cons), Matthew Quanstrom (Lab), Pat Rodohan (Lib Dem) Amanda Sheehan (UKIP).