Candidates announced for May Eastbourne council elections

The names of candidates standing in the Eastbourne Borough Council elections on Thursday May 2 have just been announced.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 9:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 9:42 pm
Local elections take place on May 2.

All 27 seats in nine wards of the council are to be contested.

The Liberal Democrats currently have control of the administration at the Town Hall.

Currently the Lib Dems have 16 councillors, Conservative have seven, there is one Independent Conservative councillor, one Independent Labour, one Independent Liberal Democrat and one vacant seat.

Eastbourne Town Hall (on polling day) May 5th 2011 E18119M ENGSNL00120111020104623

In Devonshire the candidates are Margaret Bannister (Lib Dem); Vivienne Dehavilland-Geraghty, (Cons); Daniel Evans (Cons); Steve Holt (Lib Dem); Helen Owen (Lab); Danielle Perry (Cons); Geri Rolfe (Lab); Louis Thorburn (Lab); Steve Wallis (Lib Dem) and Linda Wintle (Green).

In Hampden Park the candidates are Mark Aukett (Cons); Graham Dean (Lab); Wendy Lambert (Lab); Brian Liddiard (Cons) Peter Lutterer (Cons); James Murray (Lib Dem); Margaret Robinson (Lab); Dean Sabri (Lib Dem) and Coli Swansborough (Lib Dem).

In Langney the candidates are Lee Comfort (Lab); Sandra Elkin (Cons); Ian Garbutt (UKIP); Julie Hart (Lab); Antony Hatton (Cons); Sandie Howlett (Cons); Michael Mason (UKIP); Harun Miah (Lib Dem); Roy Noble (Lab); Alan Shuttleworth (Lib Dem) and Candy Vaughan (Lib Dem).

In Meads the candidates are Peter Durrant (Lib Dem); Dorothy Forsyth (Green); Christopher Holloway (UKIP); Jane Lamb (Cons); Ruth Lintott (Lib Dem); Janee Sa (Lab); Debra Sabri (Lib Dem); Robert Smart (Cons) and Barry Taylor (Cons).

In Old Town the candidates are Nicholas Ansell (Cons); Peter Diplock (Lib Dem); Jonathan Dow (Lib Dem); Robert Findon (Cons); Rue Franklin (Lab); Jo Henderson (Green); Mozmil Hussain (Cons); Sally Kitchen (SDP); Jake Lambert (Lab); Amanda Morris (Lib Dem) and Sarah Richards (Lab).

In Ratton the candidates are Colin Belsey (Cons); David Bishop (Lab); Tony Freebody (Cons); John Lambert (Lab); Rebecca Madell (Lib Dem); Colin Murdoch (Cons); Hugh Parker (Lib Dem); Blash Rassekh (Lib Dem) and Jill Shacklock (Lab).

In Sovereign the candidates are Caroline Ansell (Cons); Sam Brown (Lib Dem); Ian Culshaw (Lab); Penelope Di Cara (Cons); David Edwards (Lib Dem); Paul Metcalfe (Cons); Farol Pernet (Lab) and James Prime (Lib Dem).

In St Anthony’s the candidates standing are Anne Angel (Cons); Dave Brinson (Lab); Helen Burton (Lib Dem); David Cornwall (Cons); Richard Davis (Cons); Stephen Halbhuber (Independent); Colin Horscroft (UKIP); Phil Mills (Lab); Rachael Norris (Lab); David Tutt (Lib Dem) and Rebecca Whippy (Lib Dem).

In Upperton the candidates are Sammy Choudhury (Lib Dem); Darryl Gosling (Cons); Nicholas Henderson (Cons); Alexandra Hough (Green); Tom Liddiard (Cons); Robin Maxted (Lib Dem); Gill Poole (Lab); Paul Richards (Lab); Pat Rodohan (Lib Dem) and Amanda Sheehan (UKIP).