Cancer sufferer thanks nurses for support

Matt Marchant suffered from testicular cancer SUS-150605-100250001
Matt Marchant suffered from testicular cancer SUS-150605-100250001

A 27-year-old Polegate man who was diagnosed with testicular cancer has thanked Macmillan nurses for the support he has received.

Matt Marchant, a former Polegate Primary and Willingdon secondary pupil, now works as a graphic designer for a London-based television company.

It was during his television career that he was alerted to the signs of cancer.

Matt said, “I was working for This Morning editing a piece about testicular cancer, what to look out for and when to visit your doctor.

“There were a few warning signs for me, which put me at a higher risk and in January 2014 I found a lump and went to see my GP.”

Matt’s doctor felt sure it was a cyst but when it got worse, Matt went back and was transferred to a London hospital for an ultra sound. It was then he was diagnosed with cancer.

He told the Herald, “It is very surreal when you are diagnosed because you never think it is going to happen to you.

“It is very scary because there is something in your body that is trying to kill you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Matt has been through an operation and chemotherapy since his diagnosis, which has meant countless hospital appointment. He says his Macmillan nurse has supported him through the process.

Matt said, “She sat in on all my appointments. It is nice to have someone there with you when you are going through that process.

“The doctors and nurses and medical staff have all be amazing but the admin is terrible and she has really helped in dealing with my appointments.

“It has been great to have an insider.”

Energy company npower has an 11-year partnership and is hosting a comedy gig this year to help raise money for the cause.

The gig will be held in London’s OXO Tower on May 19.

It is one of many ways the energy firm is raising cash. In 2014 the business raised an impressive £88,145.68.

Matt is backing the gig and says humour can really help when battling cancer.

He said, “I think it is important, if you can, to have a bit of a laugh about it. I don’t take life too seriously and I like to have a laugh and a joke.

“People don’t always know how to react when they find out you have cancer and I think if you have a bit of a laugh with them it puts everyone at ease.

For more info and your chance to win tickets go to @npowerHQ on Twitter.