Cancer battler Kieran receives golfing trolley

Kieran is presented with a cheque for his motorised golf trolley
Kieran is presented with a cheque for his motorised golf trolley

A 16-YEAR-OLD cancer sufferer who dreams of becoming a professional golfer has thanked the Children with Cancer Fund for providing a motorised golfing trolley.

Kieran Weeks was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January this year and struggled to play golf because the chemotherapy zapped his energy levels.

His parents Mark and Eileen Weeks said, “Kieran was a typical 16-year-old, enjoying life and working towards his dream of becoming a professional golfer.

“He was in the second term of his golf apprenticeship when he noticed that he had double vision and recurring headaches.”

Kieran was rushed to Eastbourne DGH and a scan confirmed that he had a brain tumour. Kieran was taken as an emergency to Hurstwood Park Neuroscience Centre where the first operation to release a dangerous build-up of fluid on his brain was performed.

Mark said, “The next few months were a catalogue of hospital appointments, admissions and operations. Kieran’s tumour was quickly diagnosed as an extremely rare intracranial germ cell tumour that would require an intense course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“As the chemotherapy had not shrunk the tumour, Kieran also underwent a 12-hour operation to reduce the size of the tumour before radiotherapy.

“Throughout his journey, Kieran always remained positive and upbeat. He showed us a remarkable side to his character that made us immensely proud.”

The family had been told about the Children with Cancer Fund, which is based in Polegate, and it wasn’t long before the charity got in touch and offered to pay for a motorised trolley to save Kieran from carrying his clubs.

Mark said, “Today we’re very pleased and relieved to report that Kieran is recovering very well and has finished all of his treatment.

“He has returned to Sussex Downs College to continue his apprenticeship.

“His cancer journey has made him appreciate things in life that he may have taken for granted such as being able to play golf.”

The family and their friends have organised a quiz night for the Children with Cancer Fund because they wanted to give something back to the charity which helped Keiran.

The event took place at Willingdon Golf Course, Kieran’s home course, and raised £657.

Chris Downton from Children with Cancer said, “We don’t give expecting to receive, and it was really nice of the family to do it for us.”

The Weeks’ fundraising does not stop there, as Kieran has also raised money for CLIC Sargent by taking part in an abseil event at Epsom Downs in December.

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