Can you find Frowd’s Airfield?

Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth

Two former air cadets are asking for the help of Looking Back readers to try and discover the exact location of an airfield in Eastbourne used by the rich and famous in the 1920s and 30s.

Ben Castle and David Carmody say they know the Frowd’s Field airfield existed but for some reason it is not charted on old maps.

The two have penned a short story called The Ghostly Airfield and are urging any readers who may know more of its history and more specifically its exact location to contact them.

They said, “During the time of its operation the airfield was open to the rich and famous.

“As the airfield was in full operation the first recorded aircraft was a Tiger Moth in October 1920 as people who flew into Eastbourne would have a vehicle ready to transport them to the hotel from the terminal building.

“The airfield had a control tower, a customs building, fuelling station and grass parking ramps.

“The grass strips were not very long in practical length as aircraft at that time were still young in the history of aviation so were lightweight and carried low speed but had a large wing area.

“There is a lot of speculation as to whether the actual site of the airfield is as Eastbourne has quite a large expanse of level ground and grass strips of a small size seem likely to have been overlooked and have ended up not being charted on old maps.”

Any readers who can shed some light on the airfield mystery can contact Ben or David should contact them via email

* Did you know the very first Pier Master was called George Sawdy? And more importantly do you know where we can find a photograph of him?

That’s the question being asked by reader Steve Knott who is looking into the history of Mr Sawdy, the Pier Master when the structure opened and who completed 25 years service in 1896.

If you can help call 414482 during office hours.

* Looking Back is also appealing for any information who may know of the whereabouts of Everall Scholes who may still be living in Eastbourne.

The request has come from her cousin Anne Kingsmill-Scholes, who is trying to trace her. Everall was married and living in Eastbourne in 1981. She would now be in her 70s.

Her mother was Lillian Scholes and her father was Frances Scholes, who may have been a musician.

Please call 414482 if you can help.