Campaigner stands down from local panel


Seasoned campaigner Sandy Boyce-Sharpe is stepping down from her role as a high-profile and passionate chair of the Hampden Park Neighbourhood Panel in Eastbourne having spent more than five years serving the local community.

As one of the first panels formed in Eastbourne, its chair and members have been at the centre of many positive changes in Hampden Park and have overseen no cold calling zones, transformed empty shop fronts and worked with Network Rail to create a commuter car park from wasteland helping to ease traffic congestion in the village.

One of Sandy’s own personal missions has been to press for agreement by East Sussex County Council to replace the Brodrick Road footbridge over the railway line, to improve the lighting, widen the twitten and remove all long standing graffiti.

Residents say this has made the footbridge a safer and a more pleasant experience for those that use it at all times of the day and night.

Sandy announced her departure at the panel meeting on Tuesday night but said she will maintain involvement through her work with the group that represent the Friends of Hampden Park.

William Pratt will become chair. He has been a panel member for many years and also works as data and services manager at the Eastbourne Academy, is an active committee member of the Friends of Hampden Park and an expert in the history of Hampden Park.

Police Inspector Rachel Barrow said, “The role of neighbourhood panels is determined by the unique needs of the community it serves. It aims to give local people greater influence to tackle the issues that most affect them and to make a difference. During Sandy’s time as chair she has demonstrated real passion and drive to get things done and to make Hampden Park a better place, working closely with partners at a very local level. To have a member of the community such as Sandy to come forward and invest their own time and energy for such a long period of time is to be valued and appreciated. I would like to thank Sandy on behalf of Sussex Police as she has always championed the work of the policing team, whilst bringing us to account when needed. I would also like to thank Keith Fillery, the vice chair who stands down and welcome the new chair.”

Sergeant Fiona Munro said, “I have known Sandy since the very beginning and worked closely with her. I believe the improvements in Hampden Park are very much down to the work of local people, partners and by Sandy’s approach and motivation.”