Campaign to tackle dog mess problem

COUNCIL bosses have launched a new campaign to urge pet owners to clean up after their dogs.

The message behind the campaign is, “There is no such thing as the dog poo fairy and no-one else picks it up - it’s up to you.”

Dog poo bags will be available at venues along the seafront, Town Hall, Eastbourne Borough Council Customer Contact Centre, Tourist Information Centre and other venues from March 15 - just look out for the Dog Poo Fairy poster.

In addition there are 200 special bins to dispose of dog’s mess in the town.

Eastbourne mayor Carolyn Heaps said, “We all need to be mindful of how dog poo is dealt with.

“There are many responsible dog owners but unfortunately a few do not clear up after their dogs and feel it is someone else’s job.

“I urge residents to report anyone not clearing up. Public opinion should alter to make these people be seen as the anti-social folk that they indeed are.

“The health dangers of children coming in contact with dog mess are well known so we should not hesitate to penalise those who do not clear up after their dog.

“I have today picked up and disposed of two lots of poo in plastic bags that were left at the side of the road and on the pavement.

“It is time we all took some responsibility for where we live and show those who don’t seem to care that there are a whole bunch of people who do.”

Cllr Steve Wallis added, “As part of the campaign our dog welfare officer and community enforcement officers will take a zero tolerance approach to rid the town of this anti-social behaviour.”

Offenders face a £75 fixed penalty fine or a maximum penalty on conviction of £1,000.

Cllr Colin Belsey, Conservative opposition spokesman on the environment, said, “I totally support this campaign regarding owners of dogs who do not pick up after their dogs. There has been more work recently by our enforcement team, so owners, please clean up after your dogs.”

Stephen Lloyd MP added, “I am delighted the council is taking this initiative.”