Calls made for traffic calming on busy road

Iain and Sarah Alexander
Iain and Sarah Alexander

Residents living on a busy road that motorists use as a ‘cut through’ are calling for action before someone is killed.

Frustrated homeowners in Sevenoaks Road said some form of traffic calming was needed in the 30mph zone. Iain Alexander has had four vehicles written off in as many years following two collisions outside his home and has contacted MP Stephen Lloyd and Councillor Alan Shuttleworth calling for something to be done.

The father-of-three said, “When you’re getting two or three children out of the car the logistics of it isn’t easy.

“Something needs to be done about the speed for the children’s safety.”

His wife Sarah added, “In a lot of areas near schools you get lollipop ladies or speed humps. There’s none of that down here”, while neighbour Bob Parkinson said, “I feel sorry for parents taking their kids out, somebody is going to get killed.”

Mike Fairclough, headteacher of West Rise Junior School, said a 20mph limit should be introduced. Mr Lloyd said he had written to Rupert Clubb, director of economy, transport and environment at East Sussex County Council (ESCC) and that Cllr Shuttleworth was keen for action, especially in light of plans to increase numbers at the nearby schools.

An ESCC spokeswoman said, “We have received correspondence about the issues along Sevenoaks Road and will be carrying out an assessment to establish what measures might be appropriate and whether it could be considered a priority for funding from our Capital Programme for Transport Improvements. “There are measures already in place to deal with problems arising from an increase in the volume of traffic, including a ban on right turns at the junction with Langney Rise. Antisocial driving and speeding are issues for the police to deal with, but residents might want to make use of Operation Crackdown an online reporting initiative of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership designed to address this type of concern.”