Calls to ban pavement and verge parking in Eastbourne

A group of councillors are calling on the council to ban motorists from parking on pavements and verges.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 5:48 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:35 am
Pavement parking should be banned, according to a group of councillors

The bye-law, proposed by Conservative borough councillors, is backed by disabled groups and local people.

The Eastbourne Blind Society described the proposal as ‘exceedingly good policy’, while Ian Westgate at the Eastbourne Access Group said, “Parking on pavements and verges is not only inconsiderate but dangerous, particularly for those with impairment.”

Councillor Robert Smart has submitted the motion to the next Eastbourne Borough Council meeting on May 9.

He said, “This is a common-sense plan that will help vulnerable people in our town get about safely in their everyday lives and I hope the Liberal Democrats work with us and local groups to support it.

“Several Neighbourhood Panel meetings have spoken about this being a good idea to address perfectly legitimate safety concerns from disability groups and parents with prams.

“It is a very real problem we need to deal with. One of my local ward residents from The Chaseley Trust recently described how his wheelchair had twice tipped over as he tried to negotiate a vehicle parked on the pavement.”

Particular roads where such parking is necessary could be excluded from the provisions of the bye law, Councillor Smart added.

This comes after Councillor Colin Belsey was successful in banning pavement and verge parking earlier this year for certain roads in Ratton.