Call for new relief road to ease Hampden Park traffic

Elm Grove Broadwater Link SUS-150114-161514001
Elm Grove Broadwater Link SUS-150114-161514001

Fed up Hampden Park residents have renewed their call for a new road to ease traffic congestion around the village level crossing.

Members on the Facebook group Hampden Park My Home Village say a relief road should be higher up the political agenda this year as the crossing, said to be the busiest in Europe, is becoming even more congested and inconvenient and Cross Levels Way is not enough to take traffic away from the area.

Group member Dave Poole said politicians and council officers should now revisit plans for a “quick-fix” solution to join Broadwater Way to Mallard Close to take traffic away from the busy crossing.

He said, “A spur was planned for construction from Broadwater Way to Mallard Close before houses were built there at the time with the approval of East Sussex County Council yet a certain couple of councillors were particularly obstructive about it so that plan was buried.

“There’s been talk of a better way to cross the line for years but nothing’s happened and people have resigned themselves to the fact that a new crossing would take years to plan and that Network Rail would be obstructive. Even after that, any crossing would take years to complete.

“The residents of Hampden Park have had enough of procrastination. With ten new councillors up for election this year as well as being a General Election, it’s time to get things moving with immediate effect.”

“I see no reason whatsoever why the quick-fix solution of joining Broadwater Way to Elm Grove to make a new link should not start construction within the year. There would be no stonewalling to put up with from British Rail as it doesn’t affect any of its land, the building of the road would be dirt-cheap in comparison to the other options and traffic control and pedestrian crossings shouldn’t be too much of a problem to organise.

“I understand that committees are annoying and time-consuming things which have to be endured in order to get anything moving so I’m now calling for the immediate discussion of this solution at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Cross Levels Way, a two kilometre link road, was constructed with funding from Sainsbury’s when it opened its store.